Youth Survey, Facilitated By Axtell Community Fund, Reveals Kids Love Their Hometown

The 2020 Nebraska Youth Survey revealed young people love their small hometowns. In January 2020, Nebraska Community Foundation (NCF) began working with the University of Nebraska-Omaha’s Center for Public Affairs Research to co-create the Nebraska Youth Survey with the purpose of exploring young people’s perceptions and perspectives of their Nebraska hometowns. More than 1,300 high school students responded to the online survey, which was administered in the Axtell, McCook, Columbus, Diller, Shickley, Ainsworth, Stuart and Norfolk communities between January and May 2020.

Survey data collected in Axtell showed 80 percent of high schoolers plan to go to college and many hope to pursue careers in the medical industry, agriculture industry, or as firefighters and police. The survey results also demonstrated the investments of local students in their community with the average student involved with three or more activities and 75 percent employed.

As an affiliated fund of Nebraska Community Foundation, Axtell Community Fund was approached to administer the survey locally. In addition to the survey, students also participated in a youth visioning session where they were able to offer insight into their responses. Members of the Axtell Community Fund Advisory Committee hope both the survey and visioning session will help inform community members about the best ways to attract and retain young people in Axtell.

see October 14 Courier for full story